Workshops and Custom Seminars on Latin American and U.S. Hispanic Marketing

We facilitate and organize seminars, workshops and training sessions where executives leave with actionable insights and best practices about Latin American and Hispanic marketing. We personalize each presentation to your company’s needs, sometimes inviting research providers, technology vendors and authors/subject-matter experts.
Some of our workshop topics include:

Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps – Success stories from our trademarked marketing process (in Spanish)- “E-X-I-T-O: Su Estrategia de Marketing Digital en 5 Pasos”

How Latin America will “leapfrog” the U.S. and other “developed” markets in adopting mobile technologies and content

Which mobile platforms and strategies are succeeding in Latin America? Mobile trends, insights and suggested partnerships for the region

Content Strategy & Digital Storytelling: How you can tell and distribute viral stories via social and mobile media

Social Media Listening: What are consumers saying about your brand? How listening via social media can lead you to marketing success

The end of the digital divide: The growth of the Internet via mobile phones in Latin America and U.S. Hispanic markets

Internationalization & Cultural Customization: Expanding your business abroad via digital media  
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