Executive Coaching on Latin American and U.S. Hispanic Marketing

Perhaps you are leading a start up and want to make sure that your digital marketing efforts deliver results quickly. Or, you want to set up your Latin American/Hispanic marketing department at your company.
Whatever your situation is, we will serve as your “secret weapon,” helping you craft your Latin American/Hispanic strategy behind the scenes. Many clients want help defining roles for team members as well as figuring out how/where to find the best candidates. Most importantly, we will establish your metrics for success so that we maximize your budget, quickly learn what works and achieve your desired marketing objectives.

During our personalized, one-to-one conversations we will use “Agile Marketing,” which espouses breaking apart larger goals into short-term “sprints.” During our first project together, we will identify and accomplish one of those first sprints so that we get a feel for working together and grow confidence in achieving your larger vision. Oftentimes, while practicing “Agile Marketing,” we may discover that the bigger objective was a bit off target, thereby enabling us to refine our vision so that it is more in line with our audience’s needs and wants.
Contact us to set up a one-hour session to discuss your needs.