Cultural Know-how of How to Do Business in Mexico and Latin America

You are looking to venture out and do business abroad, but you’re unsure of where to start. When crossing borders, it’s not just about opening a new office and seeing more units in a new country. You’ll need to consider the new culture, taxation system, laws, and ways of doing business.
We will work with your international team to help make the introduction to your new market a smooth and easy transition. We can help you by providing:

• Training sessions on differences in culture, including models of different cultures such as Geert Hofstede's matrices of culture (e.g. Individualism/Collectivism, Power Distance, Masculine/Femine, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long/Short Term Orientation, and Indulgence)

• Networking with other international businesspeople to learn about their experiences and successes/mistakes in expanding into new countries

• Requests for proposals (RFP’s) for lawyers, accountants, and co-working spaces
Contact us to set up a one-hour session to discuss your needs.